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Hook Magazine LogoLocal Profile: Architectural Minerals & Stone

Architectural Minerals & Stone is a gem of a store and well worth a visit. Most of the pieces are uncut leaving nature’s miracles alone to show the remarkable structures of crystals that have taken tens to many millions of years to form.  Read more

mineralogical recordSupplement to The Mineralogical Record, July-August 2016: Mark Shedrofsky

My passion for stone has granted me the good fortune to work with many of the world’s most precious and beautiful marbles, and to collaborate with the world’s best fabricators on world-class projects. Read more

wechester paper Architectural Minerals & Stones: Irvington’s Purveyor of Natural Jewels

This small, gallery-like space showcases one of the world’s oldest art forms—crystal minerals, the Earth’s natural jewels. Displayed objects d’art include cylindrical votives of honeycomb calcite and an amethyst plate of rich purple crystals.  Read more

interiorCovet section from August/September issue 2013
“The Radiant trove Architectural Minerals & Stone is sourced globally and the company purveys rarefied beauties…with cross continental allure without the red tape.”     Read more 

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