I Love Rocks!

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So to prove I’m a stone junkie, I am digging back into my childhood. I was 16; my brother was 13; close to 38 years ago.  My brother got a gray Geode as a gift from a Science teacher that lived on our street. I believe we both had him as a teacher in 7th grade. Oh my goodness I was so jealous. We shared a room and it wasn’t good enough that my brother, the rock, and me would all be in the same room. Flat out, I wished it were mine.  So, as things turned out, my brother and I both ended up in the stone business and now I’m sitting in my office surrounded by 50 or more rocks, geodes, gems and crystals, but none of these beauties compare to my first love.

Today the rock sits at my parent’s house on it’s original Lucite base and you’d have to ask my brother if it’s for sale. More importantly, just look at the impact this teacher had!

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