Designer Services

We offer a wide variety of stones, gems, minerals and crystals from all over the world and provide a personalized boutique level of service to the architectural and design communities.  Many of our customers have customized requests or need help in finding materials or pieces and our unique ability to meet your specific needs is what makes us stand out from other businesses.

You can view the collections on our website or come visit our office in Irvington, NY.  We can also come to your office, but we prefer to narrow the mineral search down to 4-6 pieces first, as most of the pieces we offer are heavy and it’s difficult to bring more then 6 at any one time. Some pieces are fragile and we prefer that these more delicate pieces travel as little as possible.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we will check with both our local sources and ones in the country of origin. Private procurement is our of our specialties and with our vast number of friends and associates, if the stone is still being mined and still on the market, we’ll find it.

We offer expert assistance in orienting and displaying any purchased piece to optimize and enhance the appearance. We also offer custom bases, made of stone, wood or metal and use custom made crates that we pack and ship throughout the United States.


Petite Treasures

Gems and minerals are so fascinating and alluring, they are like indescribable objects d’art.  Some of the most striking examples are smaller one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect for desktop and table ornaments or cabinet displays.

When it comes to rare and exotic beauty, these curios are unmatched in their “wow factor.”  They literally must be seen to be believed.


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