Decorating with Architectural Minerals

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Why decorate with natural stone?

Decorating with AM Stone3Even the most ardent city dweller is attracted to nature. Busy city streets are lined with trees and flowers to remind us that there is a natural world beyond the miles of paved roads and concrete sidewalks. Almost every grand lobby is clad with slabs of marbles or granites to help soften the austerity of our modern lives by connecting us to mother nature. Museums of Natural History exist in almost every major city offering us an afternoon to connect with the wonders of nature that we usually see on vacation or on television. Gems, minerals, fossils and decorative stones give us all an opportunity to connect with the wonders of nature in our own homes regardless of whether we live in a city, a suburb or in a rural area. Occasionally I look in awe at a gem or even a simple rock sitting on a table in my studio and the beauty of the piece re-kindles my appreciation for nature. When I walk outside I find myself looking at trees or flowers with a renewed sense of wonder. Equally important, many of the gems, minerals and fossils are absolutely amazing. A pipe filled with concentric rings of aragonite is fascinating. A piece of 100 hundred million year old Petrified Wood that has turned to solid stone, complete with growth rings and bark is something that typically is found only in a museum.

Decorating with AM Stone2Here are a couple of thoughts to consider when selecting a rock that’s right for you. Most gems and minerals work universally in almost any style of home or office so simply put, follow your heart and pick something that you flat out love. For those of us that are attracted to lots of stones here are some suggestions to narrow down the field. My experience is that in a modern setting almost any rock can bring a touch of warmth to a room that has a crisp, clean minimalist décor. So play a little, and think color. Often times a colorful rock will be a perfect focal point in a modern room that is otherwise understated and quiet.  I think it’s safe to say that almost any colorful stone; from a chunk of Canary Yellow Bolivian Sulfur to a Green slab of Malachite to a cubic purple Fluorite will pop in most modern rooms.

Decorating with AM Stone4I think we have to work a little smarter when we approach adding stones to a more traditional room. We might think twice before decorating a classic room with cubes of perfectly square pyrite, and maybe an icy hexagonal Quartz point may only work in a classic setting for the true mineral lover. But a fossilized ammonite encrusted in pyrite might be perfectly suited for that same classic room. I have yet to see a 50 million year old Fish Fossil from the Green River in Wyoming look out of place in the most conservative of settings.  The suggestion I am making is if the room is traditional; try the warmth provided by calcium carbonate first. Whether calcite or aragonite, both these rocks are amongst the warmer and more inviting stones. I’m not saying you will want to run up and hug one of these rocks, but this group of minerals is softer and cozier then most other varieties. By softer I am speaking of appearance only. Do not throw them at each other. They are plenty hard and they will hurt as much as any piece of quartz.


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