Can you see stones in 3D?

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About a year ago, I was visiting a friend and admiring their new granite counter. The counter was Brazilin with big chunks of off white Feldspar offset by long spears of Tourmaline.

Before entering the gem and mineral world, I would look at these stones and see them as two dimensional crystals with length and width. Now after being in the biz,  I’ve had the experience of seeing both Feldspar and Tourmaline in their 3 dimensional cubic form.

The counter  at my friends house took on a new appearance with my mind’s eye turning it into a 3 dimensional work of art. I still enjoy the work I do with flat rock, both in my world of gems and minerals, and with the work I do in the dimensional stone world, but working with these 3-dimensional crystals has re-kindled my creativity and passion.

I have spent the last three years collaborating with miners, quarries, fabricators, architects and designers, both looking for unique decorative stone and working to design and build furniture, lamps, table and Objects of Stone Art; crossing back and forth between dimensional stone and the world of gems and minerals. Many of our products are still in the design phase, some are in production and some have already been introduced.

Stay tuned, I hope you’ll enjoy our treasures as much as I enjoy bringing the stone to the design market.

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