Bruce O’Brian ~ Exterior Objects of Stone Art

We offer custom designed “Outdoor Objects of Stone Art” for your home, office or public space, by world-renowned quarrier, master mason and sculptor Bruce O’Brien. Bruce has spent over 50 years honing his stone working talents.

With a meticulous eye, and his never ending commitment to quality and care, Bruce ensures that the unique piece created for your space will be breath taking, dynamic, and will please the most demanding clientele.

Bruce primarily works with the two stones, which come from his quarries in Alcove, New York. One is Alcove Bluestone, also know as North River Bluestone, which is a dense sandstone, available in clear blue-gray or blue-gray accented with rust tones. Bruce also quarries Onondaga Limestone, a very hard, gray stone with a myriad of crinoid fossils throughout each piece. Both stones have specific qualities that solely Bruce can harness to create truly amazing works of art.

Depending on the specifics of each project, and the project’s location, we can either provide design, fabrication and installation; or we can provide the finished product for installation by others.

Call us for additional images of completed works by Bruce and his team.

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