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We are proud to be have been featured in Westchester MagazineWestchester HomeInteriors Magazine and in The Wall Street Journal.

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Architectural Minerals & Stones: Irvington’s Purveyor of Natural Jewels
This small, gallery-like space showcases one of the world’s oldest art forms—crystal minerals, the Earth’s natural jewels. Displayed objets d’artinclude cylindrical votives of honeycomb calcite ($85) and an amethyst plate of rich purple crystals ($8,500).   Read more

wechester paperArchitectual Minerals & Stone’s New Take on Old-School Art
Seeking a striking decorative statement that goes well beyond the same old vase or framed photo grouping? Do stop by Architectural Minerals & Stone’s small gallery-like space, showcasing one of the world’s oldest art forms: crystal minerals.    Read more

interiorCovet section from August/September issue 2013
“The Radiant trove Architectural Minerals & Stone is sourced globally and the company purveys rarefied beauties…with cross continental allure without the red tape.”     Read more 

wallstreetjourenalCrystals Offer New Look for Home Design “No one knows that better than Mark Shedrofsky, a proprietor of Architectural Minerals, an upscale purveyor of earth crystals and gems. His light-filled Irvington, N.Y., storefront is a veritable petting zoo of honeycomb calcite, stibnite clusters and double-terminated smoky quartz.”    Read more


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