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Architectural Minerals & Stones, LLC connects the design community to the finest minerals and gems the world has to offer. We have spent over thirty years hunting the world for great marbles, limestones, basalts and schists and two years ago, expanded our search to include gems and minerals.  Our hands-on relationships with quarries and miners in the USA, South America, Africa and Asia, has enabled us to do business across the globe and established a stellar reputation, with most of our clients coming through personal and professional referrals. In collaboration with the design world’s top firms, AMS has worked on projects for some of the grandest hotels, finest restaurants, largest corporations and most luxurious residences. Blending experience and expertise with creativity and passion, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest value, best service and greatest satisfaction.


Mark headshotMark Shedrofsky

“While I will always cherish the 25 years I spent at Stone Source, I truly love learning more about the world of gems and minerals every day. It is easy for me to see how the two worlds can blend into one.” – Mark Shedrofsky As a co-founder of Stone Source, Mark spent many years searching the world for great marbles, limestones, basalts and schists. While he is happily back promoting select stones from Basaltina, Burlington Stone, and a few other companies, he is now applying his enthusiasm and knowledge of natural materials to the collecting of gems and minerals. In the past, Mark always enjoyed working with factories and quarries to create new textures and finishes. As a bridge between the decorative gem and mineral world and the building stone world, he now is collaborating to create decorative items and furniture pieces made with some of these favorite building




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