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Mother Earth Has Exquisite Taste

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Great Beauty is Elemental

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Where Interior Design

meets Natural Wonders

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Nature is One
of the World’s
Finest Decorators


A Stunning Selection Of Gems & Minerals 

Unlimited Choices for Home, Hospitality and Commercial Design


Our Portfolio

Earth’s natural treasures are unsurpassed in adding glamour and sophistication to both interior and exterior design. Our inventory comprises the finest building materials and natural elements available today.

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Experts You Can Rely On

We are responsive, knowledgeable and reliable. We have over many years of experience buying and selling gems and minerals, with hands-on relationships with quarries and miners around the world.

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Stone Furnishings

Stones are not only a fabulous choice for
indoor art and indoor/outdoor building materials, they can also be shaped into the most extraordinary home furnishings, such as bowls, tables and lamps.

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Bring Nature’s Treasures Into Your World

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Building with Stone

Designing with Nature


Burlington Stone

Burlington Stone has been quarrying in the English Lake District for over 400 years,…

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Basaltina are igneous, volcanic rocks that cool quickly near the Earth’s crust and offers good strength and…

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What We Do with Stone

At Architectural Minerals & Stones, we strive to blend the worlds of gems, minerals and stones into one.

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Discover earth

and her secrets

Covering the Latest Underground News

  • The Metaphysical side of Amethyst
    The Metaphysical side of Amethyst
    Manganese in clear quartz produces the beautiful shades of pinkish lavender to deep purple. The name comes from a Greek word which translates literally as “not drunken”. Amethyst is said to help one both avoid and recover from addiction to intoxicants. “Amethyst facilitates transmutation of the lower energies into the higher frequencies. It is representative of the […]
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  • I Love Rocks!
    I Love Rocks!
    So to prove I’m a stone junkie, I am digging back into my childhood. I was 16; my brother was 13; close to 38 years ago.  My brother got a gray Geode as a gift from a Science teacher that lived on our street. I believe we both had him as a teacher in 7th […]
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  • Decorating with Architectural Minerals
    Decorating with Architectural Minerals
    Why decorate with natural stone? Even the most ardent city dweller is attracted to nature. Busy city streets are lined with trees and flowers to remind us that there is a natural world beyond the miles of paved roads and concrete sidewalks. Almost every grand lobby is clad with slabs of marbles or granites to […]
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